Helping Students Manage Their Time

Many teachers assign work every day. Whether this work is done during class or at home, students always have a decent amount of work that needs to be completed in an allotted time. Students in higher grade levels might have multiple assignments from a handful of teachers, increasing the size of their workload. It can easily be overwhelming for them to remember due dates, project requirements, and homework assignments for half a dozen classes.

Efforts to help students with all of this work may involve teachers demonstrating how to complete difficult assignments, but teachers rarely show students when to complete these assignments. Time management for students is often overlooked by teachers, most likely because they are trying to manage their own day-to-day responsibilities. However, teaching students how to divide their time is just as important as teaching them the actual content. Follow these teacher tips below and learn how to help students develop proper time management skills.

Do the assignment yourself

Realizing how long the assignment takes you to complete will give you a good understanding of how long your students will take. Remember that you are an expert in the field, so adjust the time accordingly. Provide students with a time frame in which tasks are expected to be completed, but don’t necessarily grade them on this. The goal is to help them manage their time, not make them feel pressured to finish assignments quickly for the sake of a good grade.

Maintain a class schedule

Give students constant, daily exposure to an organized schedule. A huge, visually attractive calendar or a virtual schedule may both work, depending on grade levels and classrooms. When your students eventually become accustomed to using this schedule, they will be more likely to continue to use a similar system of organization outside of your classroom.

Establish priorities

Teach your students how to prioritize by showing them how to do it. The best way to teach is to lead by example! Obviously, all of your assignments are important and they need to be completed, however, studying for a midterm may have priority over a short homework assignment. Show your students how to establish priorities and they will eventually be doing it themselves!

Different methods may work differently for varying classrooms, so try as many methods as possible to find what works best for you. Creating an organized classroom will not only teach your students time management skills, but it might also keep you organized as well! Do you have any specific methods that help your students manage their time? Let us know in the comments below!

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