Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Integrating technology into your classroom can seem daunting at first. After all, it strays from the standard teaching methods that many educators are familiar with. However, a fresh approach might be
the perfect way to create more engaged and successful teachers. With the handful of online resources available to teachers, basic responsibilities like creating lesson plans and monitoring student participation have never been easier to accomplish.

Your students will also greatly benefit from this technological integration by having the chance to learn and grow in a way that speaks to them. If your students are constantly on their devices during the school day, they should be using them appropriately. So before your students take out their devices, learn how to simply integrate and monitor the use of technology with these teacher tips.

Create a collaborative class blog

Use resources like WordPress to set up blogs for your class! Divide the blog into sections according to your syllabus. Ask your students questions in class and then have them write short blog posts as homework assignments.

Require evidence

Assign tasks that produce a result. Students should be able to provide a link to a website, a definition, etc. This is a great way to informally track progress and ensure that students are not browsing social media sites or other inappropriate sites.

Set usage standards

Most students do not want their devices to be taken away, but they do want to use them in the classroom. Setting usage standards will make consequences very clear. These standards can be specific to your classroom and students. With clear consequences, less students are likely to abuse the privilege of using devices in the classroom.

Take advantage of different apps

There are so many free apps that are available, so take advantage of them. Many apps feature educational games or trivia questions, making them ideal content for your classroom. Giving students the option to use particular apps as study tools is a great way to increase involvement.

As always, these methods may work differently depending on each specific classroom. Adding your own personal teaching style can increase engagement. Do you have any other tips for integrating technology into your classroom? Share your teacher tips in the comments below!

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