How To Motivate Your Students

Teaching students at any grade level definitely requires patience, adaptability, and a great amount of confidence. Student behavior varies drastically, so making accommodations for all can be quite a challenge. The best way to keep everyone happy and civil in the classroom is to find different ways to motivate your students. The classroom environment strongly depends on the type of relationship that teachers share with students. Here are a few of the best ways to keep your students motivated.

Treat your students with respect

Students are much more likely to complete their assignments if they do not feel as though teachers are demanding that it be completed. Students will reciprocate by showing respect and by doing what you ask of them. Of course, there may be times when a more strict approach is necessary. This particular tip may work better for older students in high school or college. It is important to make slight alterations in this strategy based on the age range of your students. Some students will react differently to displays of respect, but every student deserves it.

Get to know your students

The more you know about your students, the easier it is to understand their needs, motivations, and struggles. Although it may be hard to keep track of every student, the added work that you put in will result in a much better classroom environment. Classroom performance could be affected by a handful of issues that face students. Some issues may be miniscule, such as relationships and petty drama. However, many students deal with difficult scenarios quite frequently, such as parental divorces and deaths in the family. Obviously, you are a teacher, not a counselor, so it is not your job to handle some bigger, personal issues. Nonetheless, having knowledge of this information can definitely help to improve your teaching methods on an individual level.

Tie in their interests

Most teachers have a handful of students, so it may be difficult to tie in the interests of every student. Try to begin with simple and general topics such as sports or music. Integrating general pop culture is a great place to begin because almost all middle school and high school students are very submerged in it. Although it may not be your primary interest, learning about the latest celebrity gossip or the next viral video, then incorporating it into your lessons can definitely motivate your students and maintain their engagement.

Do you have any specific tips that increase your students’ motivation? Feel free to share your teacher tips with us in the comments section below!

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