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apple-256261_1920Our story begins the way all great scholarly tales begin: with an effort to help children. The first day of school is not only difficult for kids, but it can be difficult for teachers as well. Taking on the responsibility of about two dozen children can cause some stress. Most of us at TeacherTips can definitely understand the level anxiety felt by most parents when they drop their children off at school, leaving them under the supervision of people who feel like strangers. To create some level of trust, we decided that it was important for teachers and parents to build a strong relationship, but this task proved to be a bit harder than anticipated. Busy work schedules, sleepovers, and soccer practices quickly took over any extra time during the week. Our main concern was for the children. It was clear that the disconnect between their role models was negatively affecting their performance in the classroom.

After a few long nights of brainstorming, we finally came up with a great strategy to help teachers and parents build a strong relationship. We decided to utilize the greatest tool of the modern age: the internet. A teacher discussion forum was quickly developed, then we invited parents throughout our neighborhood as well as all of the teachers in our school system. Before we knew it, we were having great, online discussions about the children’s accomplishments, struggles, and aspirations.

This teacher discussion forum also provided the opportunity to discuss the struggles that faced teachers on a regular basis. Not only did we notice these hardships, but we also noticed a serious lack of resources for teachers. TeacherTips.org came to life once we decided that it was our responsibility to fill this empty space with useful and valuable content. Before we knew it, our discussion forum began to evolve into an educational resource, filled with helpful tips used to enrich the teaching environment. 

Teachers constantly face day-to-day struggles that simply come with their responsibilities. As teachers have devoted their lives to helping students succeed, we at TeacherTips have devoted ours to helping teachers succeed.